“Book a massage here. You deserve it.”

A good massage relaxes the muscles.
A great massage calms the mind.
A fabulous massage makes your soul sing.

A massage at the Lotus Dream Spa is somewhere between great and fabulous.

Occasionally giving massages myself and having received hundreds of them, I am really picky on what I like and don’t like. You know how sometimes you get a massage and you sense the person isn't really there, that it's just 2 hands mechanically doing a sequence and you just feel like a lump of flesh? Or when the massage ladies start talking to each other and you are just waiting till it's over?

Here at Lotus Dream Spa nothing like that. I was warmly welcomed with this genuine kindness that instantly goes to the heart. Offered a chilled glass of water and a small wet towel, you choose your massage program whilst someone is cleaning your feet. Already now you know you want to pamper yourself. I took a 1,5 hour full body Deep Tissue massage with scented essential oils. And generously treated myself to the same massage two days later. Standard packages start at 14$ I believe.

The private rooms are impeccably clean and warmly decorated, with nice music on the background. (warning: the first time I was in a room on the street side with lots of traffic noise so try to get a room away from the street, which are most rooms) The massage tables are ..euh...real massage tables (and not some mattress on the floor), so perfect to lie on your belly with your head straight down.

Then the real thing…after some clear indications of my preference, never a strange twist or wrong pressure... being touched by such delicately moving hands, using all the right techniques...wonderful...So glad I felt my massage lady being present with me, for me.

Returning to planet Earth from this short travel to another universe (yes, yes, I’m still talking about massage only), I showered – at my pace – in the en-suite bathroom. Back at the reception, a glass of tea and a friendly chat helped to transit smoothly to ‘the world out there’. Smiling. Feeling good. Strong. Elevated.

We all dream of these places and moments where we can feel safe, cared for and nourished. I was lucky to find The Lotus Dream Spa to be one of these places and perhaps you will be too. So be kind to yourself and book a massage here. You deserve it.

Will O
24 March 2015
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“Clean, good massage”

I went for an aromatherapy massage and it was well done under clean conditions. I felt comfortable and had no complaints. It was as as clean and professional as the spas I have visited.

thesteak2 London, United Kingdom
17 August 2015
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“Superb, relaxing and friendly”

I visited lotus on the 12th of Aug during my honeymoon and loved it! It was pure relaxation. I had a mani/ pedicure which turned out excellently. The staff are so friendly with big smiles all the time. They showed so much care and precision at each stage of my treatments.

I also got talking to a lady in the chair beside me who turned out to be the owner - what a lovely woman. she gave me a real insight into Cambodia and couldn't have been warmer toward me. I met her beautiful grandchild and grandchilds mum.it is so obvious these people work very hard for their business and care about each customer. but they also show such warmth to each other which makes it a very warm experience all round.

I would highly recommend this professional and friendly spa

Ciara D
14 August 2015
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“Great service”

I chose to have an aromatic body massage. Aside from the relaxing experience, the manager gave me a 2 dollar discount because the wrong fragrance was used (she asked me to choose before the session). A cup of complimentary hot tea was served after


Liyasedai Davao City, Philippines
06 July 2015
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“Best massage!”

I like massages hard and boy, do you get that when you do the deep tissue. We went here twice and each time was so delightful. Great after exploring Angkor Wat.

Alison P Yeosu, South Korea
28 February 2015
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“What a great friendly place”

Just got back from a trip to Cambodia you must try and visit the Lotus Dream spa in Siem Reap, great place wonderful friendly girls would defiantly recommend - very clean, reasonably priced and nothing was a problem a proper little gem ENJOY Chiller

james c
02 September 2015
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“Clean and simply good!”

Very clean, professional and lovely massage. Just what we needed after 3 days of climbing stairs and walking from one temple to another. Very good value for money compared to other professional spas around town. We were also served with water and rice tea in the end.

03 September 2015
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Après avoir testé plusieurs salons de massage sur Siem Reap, celui-ci m'a totalement ravi!!
Tout y était parfait: le cadre, le professionnalisme des masseuses, et le prix plus qu'abordable.
Bref, j'y suis retourné 3 fois de suite pendant mon séjour :)
Un ptit conseil: le 'gentle swedish massage' était un excellent moment.
Merci encore à vous!!

arno67000 Strasbourg, France
01 September 2015
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"Really good massage shop to solve the fatigue!"

After a tour of Angkor Wat, evening, I visited this place. Full body massage in place are sufficient to solve the heavier the bridge and stiff shoulder muscles! The friendly staff and clean facilities were satisfactory. I want to go to Siem Reap to visit again and again.

17 August. 2015
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“Very good cambodian massage”

Very good cambodian massage for four hands. I can really recommend it. Oil massage was not so good. Clean place and nice personnel.

Paweł S
6 September 2015
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“Very good massage! ”

Went to visit specially for this spa due to good reviews given in TA. Upon reaching, we can tell their business is very good as there were a lot of visitors waiting to go to the massage room. Thus, we have to wait for 1 hour later for our massage. Their service is comparable to hotel service. They served iced water and wet towel and wash your feet before you go for your massage. I chose Swedish massage with normal massage oil. But because I'm a lover for essential oil, the lady in charge gave me an option to choose for any essential oil that I want. Massage was really relaxing that I almost fall asleep. Room is clean and I was brought to one couple all to myself. After massage, they served us ginger tea. Will definitely recommend this spa to anyone that's in Siem reap!

baby_ling Singapore, Singapore
11 September 2015
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“Very relaxing and welcoming”

Took the cambodian massage, a room for two. The ladies were really good, my husband asked for a strong massage and got exactly what he was wishing for - we both stepped out very satissfied. It started with feet aromatherapic bath which very surprised us but let us get into the aroma.

ker_weiss Cusco
20 September 2015
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“Excellent, professional massage”

Lotus Dreams have just relocated to this new premises. My wife and I called in without an appointment on the back of other TI reviews and we were not disappointed. We were warmly welcomed with a cold drink and feet cleaning before being offered a choice of massage oils. We both chose the aromatherapy one hour massage which was very good, carried out by capable, trained masseuse. The price was very reasonable and throughout the visit we were treated in a friendly, professional way and really enjoyed the visit.

Martibass Bournemouth England
10 October 2015
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“Professional and clean”

Good value for money in a relaxing environment. The staff is very friendly and makes sure that you are satisfied with the massage. Two of us took the 90 minute aromatherapy and reflexology massage which was $18, the third person took the half an hour foot reflexology for $5. We were all very satisfied, although I wish there was more time spent on the foot reflexology. I would highly recommend Lotus Dream Spa, it's easy to find and centrally located.

Anita B Singapore, Singapore
15 October 2015
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What a good massage! Since I am a thai yoga masseuse myself I'm always a bit apprehensive to get a massage. But this was very good! I would recommend the place for all.
We (a couple in a shared room) had the traditional khmer massage for two hours.
My masseuse was strong and I like a firm massage but when you ask to be a bit more gentle (as my partner did) thats no problem.
Service is complete with cold drinks and foot washing before and after some warm tea. Also it's very clean!
All in all.. We loved it!

Monique D Rotterdam, The Netherlands
16 October 2015
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“Clean and relaxing!”

My husband and I walked over to the Lotus on a nice hot day. It was cool inside and the man at the reception greeted us right away. We both had the 60 minute $10 Khmer massage.
We were give a cold towel and water while they cleaned our feet and were given sandals. We were in a room together and given a light linen top and shorts to change into.
The massage itself was more like a body rub massage as opposed to targeting muscles with harder pressure. For $10 it was great! There were other options available, so I'm sure one could find something they liked.
After, they gave us some time to relax for a minute and change. We were give some tea back at reception.
We gave a $5 tip to each masseuse. My lady was very appreciative!
I would recommend it, but if you want more pressure, try something other than the Khmer massage.

CatMpls Mpls
19 October 2015
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“Clean and professional service ”

masseuse was professional n attentive. tried the gentle swedish oil massage for an hour. the place is just next to common ground coffee whihc has superb coffee

Kai Lin L
20 October 2015
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“Great massage delivered by a professional”

In short I have spent a great time at Lotus dream. The facilities are clean, the ambiance is relaxing and more importantly the professionals are delivering an outstanding job with care and attention. You get out totaly relaxed. I warmly recommend.

PacificTraveler13 Geneva, Switzerland
22 october 2015
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“Mr Carl Allcott ”

Amazing massage. By far the best I've had in Asia. Very professional and clean. Staff are brilliant and polite and great value for money.

Carl A
24 October 2015
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“Best massage in South East Asia.”

It was the best back neck and shoulder massage I had over the last 2 months. The masseuse was very polite and she even braided my hair afterwards. It was just perfect.

Meghan T
28 October 2015
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“Unreal Massage - 4 hands is a must”

We frequent spas for massage in North America and Japan. In the area on vacation and decided to come to this spa. We landed on the 4 hands "Lotus dream"... Definitely did not regret it. The massage was unbeatable, unforgettable and at a decent price. The facilities were on par with what we've experienced in Vietnam and Cambodia (4 other high rated places) although the owner mentioned they just moved to this location so it could still be under development. The masseuses were polite and well practiced. Overall we would recommend this experience 100 times over.

Miccermac Brampton, Canada
30 October 2015
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“so good we went back twice! ”

we took awhile to find the place and it's a 10-15min walk from pub street. and when we reached they were fully booked! so we booked an appt for the next day and it was one of the best decisions we made for the trip.

my masseuse had fingers of steel and while I winced internally with every knead, it felt really good after the massage. my bf's shoulder ache also went away after his massage! we booked another appointment for the next day and enjoyed another comfortable massage.

did a manicure and pedicure as well and I wld definitely just recommend sticking to a massage if you're short on time!

fruiteaberry Singapore
03 November 2015
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“Excellence in Massage”

Lotus has changed locations but nothing has changed about the amazing quality of their massage services. They offer great value and are now they've re-opened in a more private, quiet, convenient location.

For me, their 90 minute back, neck & shoulder massage is pure bliss.

I visit Siem Reap often for work and never miss an opportunity to visit Lotus. Love this place!

Steve G
07 November 2015
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“Comfortable and trained specialist!”

I really liked this place. The spa area is very clean, quiet and comfortable. We made an appointment and my boyfriend and I had a room together. The girls were trained and knew the proper techniques. We got the Khmer massage and it was relaxing. I'm glad we chose this place over the less expensive spas. Technique is everything!

Bakesie Las Vegas, Nevada
10 November 2015
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We made a last-minute appointment for the standard, 1-hour Khmer massage. My wife and I agreed that it competed for the best massage that either of us have ever had. We are going back tomorrow.

J0a0zinh0 Bengaluru (Bangalore), India
14 November 2015
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Great massage

We had an amazing aromatherapy massage at this spa.I chose this place because it was highly rated on tripadvisor and i too now recommend this spa!!

Hana, Toronto
17 April 2017
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body massage

We had body massage with Cambodian oil for 60mins - $16 each person
If you love massage this is the place to go. Above expectation massage, relaxing, calming and staff is very professional.
You also get many massage parlour in pub street for just $4 foot massage or $12 body massage but they do massage in rush and end up pressing wrong pressure points so try avoiding that and go to lotus. Worth going

Tripadvisor member
21 may 2017
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Four hand massage amazing

Front desk had good customer service attitude and was very helpful in choosing the type of massage I wanted. The four hand massage was incredible, perfectly choreographed and inexpensive compared to 4-hand massages elsewhere. The masseuses knew what they were doing and were adequately soothing! Highly recommend!

Caroline US
17 June 2017
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